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About this Website

The purpose of this website is to inform the public about the German LLOYD cars; to keep the memory of the founder,
the LLOYD workers and it's factories alive; to support all LLOYD owners with knowledge and advise to restore their cars
and to provide as much free information about LLOYD cars as possible on this website.

When we first searched the Internet at the end of 1995 for information about LLOYD cars only one source "Peter Arzberger's website"
was found. (see: LINKS page). Hence we decided to start our own website, beginning to scan and post our sales literature, and adding more information as time went by. Later we also secured dedicated domain names and
To understand the word play you have to understand German - both words sound the same but have different meanings. Now you do find more websites about LLOYD Cars on the internet and on our LINKS page. (Mostly in German.)
E N J O Y your browsing experience and please e-mail us with recommendations and/or comments!

This Link leads to Wikipedia - Lloyd Cars History (Right mouse click to open in new tab or new window.)

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